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Track Rules

Track Rules

General Race Day Procedures


 Open practice will be held before the drivers meeting and controlled practice will take place after the meeting.




Is just that. 

It's open to everyone who is signed in to race. 

If there are larger cars on the track then you may want to wait 

before going out on the track to avoid damage to you vehicle.








 Controls the amount of cars on the track.     

But is not not limited by size. It can be class specific. 

After your controlled practice you will be expected  to stay behind and turn 

marshal for the next round of practice.






 Must to attend the drivers meeting! 

The time will be announced and posted so there will be no excuse. 

The Drivers meeting is important, as we may have Questions or info about a class. 

Or we could be changing the way the race is laid out for that day. 

NOT attending the drivers meeting will result in your  being restricted from running in

one or more of your qualifiers.





During or after drivers meeting the track will be maintained for the qualifiers. 

There will be no more practice after drivers meeting. 

We may do track maintenance off and on during the day depending on track conditions.





We will do 2 rounds of qualifying with a resorting after the first round. 

You need to know that the qualifiers are based off your best time and, not where you finished. 

So if you win your qualifying race it does not mean you will be in the A main so check the sheets.






We will run the mains in a way that best suits the race by placing sub mains in an order that spreads out the classes.

Make sure to double check the order sheets because there will be changes made after the qualifiers. 







One of the most important jobs on the track is turn marshaling. 


Not having the necessary number of turn marshals can really hold up a race. 

This can  really hurt a racer if he finds himself in a bad spot and we don't have enough turn marshals on the track. 


We take turn marshaling very serious.


After you have run your race you must bring your car to the turn marshal table and get your name checked off. 

Then leave your car and return to track to marshal. 

If you are in the next race and can’t turn marshal you need to have someone take your place.

They will have to come to marshal table so that your name is checked off, then leave your car and return to track to marshal. 




If you fail to act as turn marshal in controlled practice you will lose your right to practice for the rest of the day.


If you fail to turn marshal in qualifying you will lose you right to qualify and you will start last in the final main.


If you fail to turn marshal in the mains you will be DQ for the MAINS 



We appreciate our turn marshals and think poorly of anyone who feels that they are above it
















Poor Sportsmanship :


 Unsportsmanlike  behavior and offensive language is NOT ALLOWED AND WILL NOT BE TOLERATED !


 Example of Good Sportsmanship : 


Is when a racer gives extra room to other racers. They understand and help those who are struggling. 


 We would like to thank and, applaud these guys.



Control Tower :


*DO NOT*come up to the control tower for any reason during a race unless you have been called to report to the tower. 


*Never* come up to the tower to complain, argue, or disagree with staff. 


Anyone conducting themselves in such a manner will be asked to leave and forfeit any and all fees.


Being a poor sport and bad example  is a sure way to be asked to leave  the facility.


Remember this is just a hobby


All in All we are here to have a great time, run our cars.And  show everyone the value of winning and loosing. 


River Rat RC is determined to provide a safe, fun, and intimidation free family atmosphere for everyone.




Rough driving will not be tolerated. If you don't have a clean pass don't try it. 


BUT keep in mind we have new people coming into this sport everyday. 


So the skill level of some drivers is still evolving. Please give them room and a bunch of understanding. 


Sometimes we may think a person has roughed us up on purpose but they probably didn't mean too, so take a breath and let it go.



Thank You :) and we hope to see you track-side